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mine do

About Me

I began designing things in 1991. Since then I have designed Magazines, Newspapers, Brochures, CDROMS, 3D Visuals,Websites, Interiors, Exteriors, Commercial and residential complexes, Vehicle Interiors, Mechanical Structures,  and Military Vehicles. I have never been formally trained to do any of these things, but I still do them. What drives me is the challenge to do entirely different and crazy things. I love to play with new technology. I am a child at heart.  The day I grow up I will cease to be creative.

I have worked as a designer in Dubai,  Amsterdam and Germany. Some of my clients include KLM, Air France, Strabag Middle East, Al Hatboor Group of Companies.

I now undertake small and medium sized interior design projects in the emirate of Sharjah in UAE. I have a full fledged joinery, metal workshop and drapery.

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Cell: on +971 50 868 0 968
email: contact[at]

google chat: kaippally

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